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Blanagla ___ A sitespecific art project which resulted in a full length performance including new choreography for professional dancers in cooperation with amateaurs, new composed and performed music and film. Still ongoing.

Boning ___ Installation, stormvirke, mossa mm.

Betraktad som ett landskap. Bevittna en drom. ___ Utstallning 4x4, projekt GRANNAR.

Moments of clarity ___ An art project (code and embroidery) in wich I explore the consequences of the fact that we only perceive a fraction of the (unwritten) rules we have around us.

Illustrations ___ I just have to draw.

Midsommar ___ Read more about my exhibition and a documentation of the outdoor projection.

The line is Black ___ Drawing about #life.

LinkedIn ___ My so-called professional identity

Vimeo ___Best video player with many of my artworks.

Poetrygame ___ Unity WIP. A poetrygame for desktop and mobile. It takes a very long time to finish due to my limited skills but keep waiting.

Keep on ___ We just have to.


About and CV___

___ For the art and nature.